Our Story

The story of Queen K kicked off like a whimsical treasure hunt, when my hubby unearthed a vintage lamp base in our Sydney heritage home's shed. His challenge to me? Find it the perfect shade. So off I traipse into the online jungle, only to tumble down a rabbit hole of stunning fringed lampshades in far away lands. 

What began as a fleeting thought suddenly sprouted into a fully-fledged business idea right here in Australia. 

After a career in fashion, designing, creating and making for my own brands, both in womens fashion and evening wear, and swimwear I was in a perfect place to learn the art of lampshade making, both victorian and modern. 

As this journey swirled and twirled, my brain decided it was high time to get artsy. Quirky prints were conjured, destined to adorn fabrics and sprinkle a dash of eccentricity into the world of illumination. And thus the adventure of Queen K's luxury whimsical  pieces was set into motion.

I hope you can step into our world, where imagination knows no bounds and luxe fabrics and opulent trims are transformed into fabulous statement pieces. Vintage elegance takes centre stage, with designs that pay home to eras gone by whilst staying relevant in modern spaces. 

Take a look at our bestselling whimsical handmade fringed drum lampshades here


Cheers, Karen XX