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Queen K

Jungle Walk Fringed Carousel Lampshade

Jungle Walk Fringed Carousel Lampshade

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Our Jungle Walk Fringed Lampshade is where luxury and whimsy intertwine to to create a striking centrepiece for any room. More than just illumination, it's a gateway to a world where vintage charm and playful enchantment coexist.

On the front, you'll find Ginger, a vintage beauty poised atop a magnificent tiger, as they embark on a fantastical journey. Towards the back you will find Abigail, a stunning red-headed vision, holding her blue handbag, riding atop a majestic black panther with his loyal brother by his side. Between them you will find a stately giraffe, but that's not all, if you keep looking  you will find a pink flamingo, and a serpent amisdst the bushes, while butterflies and birds fill the scene with vibrant life. 

Crafted from crisp printed linen  and adorned with burnt gold fringe and trim,  this lampshade creates an atmosphere of wonder and fascination: it's a captivating story, full of surprises, waiting to be discovered. Let it grace your space, sparking conversations and infusing your decor with vintage allure and whimsical charm. 

Pair with our matching Jungle Walk Cushions in Green !

This lampshade has a 40cm diameter frame suitable for lamps or ceiling lights. 

 Our lampshades are handcrafted in Sydney Australia.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for your lampshade to be handmade especially for you. 

IMPORTANT :  When ordering please select if you are wanting a ceiling or lamp light and we will include the correct fitting. 

USA Buyers: We can cater for your harp lamp. Please choose USA Harp lamp when ordering. 

This lampshade comes with a duplex fitting and will suit either the larger Euro E27 (40mm)  lamps or the Australian standard lamps B22 (28mm) as a reducer ring will be supplied with your order. 

We recommend a maximum lightbulb wattage of 40W.

Any questions ? Send us a message  and we will get back to you within 24 hours .

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