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Queen K

Mermaids Cushion Blue

Mermaids Cushion Blue

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Welcome to the world of whimsical Queen K cushions!

The Mermaid Cushion is a mesmerising fusion of Victorian opulence and whimsical charm.  This cushion isnt just a soft place to rest , it's a portal to a world where fantasy and extravagance come to life!

Set against a backdrop of vibrant blue and black striped velvet with black tassel trimmings , whimsical twin mermaids take centre stage, bedecked in decadent floral Victorian crowns, exposing peplum jackets  and gold wings , each adding an extra layer of enchantment to the scene.

But what truly captures the imagination are their expressions-tongues poked out in mirth, evoking a sense of whimsy. In their hands ,adorned with rings , they cradle regally dressed birds, each bearing a precious pearl in its mouth, a symbol of untold treasures.

Turn it over and what a surprise, a beautiful blue dragonfly is on the flip side, making it so versatile, you can change up your decor  at a whim! 

More than just a cushion, this cushion is an invitation to revel in the world of dreams and fantasies. Place it in your space and let it tell a tale of laughter, luxury and the joy of embracing the extraordinary. 

Pair with our matching Blue Mermaid Lampshade. 

Comes with plump filling. Cover is removable for washing.

Size: 45cm x 45cm (plus black tassel trim approx 2.5cm length)

Handcrafted in Australia. 

Any questions ? Send us a message  and we will get back to you within 24 hours

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